General Observations About Texas

As we wrap up our posts about our trip to Southwest Texas, we wanted to just jot down our thoughts and observations that didn’t fit into any of our posts so we could remember them when we are old and forgetful.

This is basically just a list of bullet points that don’t really have any connection to each other.

  • The people in Texas are very nice and super chatty.
  • One example was when we checked into the Chisos Mining Company motel and the owner told us about her recent encounter with a rattlesnake which turned into a further story about hiking in Big Bend National Park during the 1980s. When we picked up our rental car at Houston’s Hobby Airport, one of the employees started a conversation with me about my red hair and how nice it looked.
  • The highways are very straight. Like, very straight. In Connecticut we are pretty much always on a turn while on the highways. This isn’t the case in Texas.
  • Furthermore, the signs on highways in Texas aren’t particularly helpful. Getting into the carpool lane, we weren’t entirely sure if we would be able to get off of it in time for our exit as it seemed to skip several exits.
  • I saw signs west of San Antonio that said “Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates.” That’s reassuring…
  • On the drive from San Antonio westward to Del Rio, there seemed to be a historical marker every hundred yards. They were all state historical markers with numbers, so we would look them up as we drove. Many of them were old churches or town halls.
  • Texas has a LOT of ranches. They were each massive, and each seemed like they were 1-2 hours from civilization. I don’t know how anyone affords the properties because it seemed like they only really had, at most, 50 cows grazing. That barely seems enough to pay for the sizes of the properties.
  • These ranches all had unique gates with their given names over the entryway. Most of them seemed to be made out of iron. It was actually kind of neat to see each one.
  • Everything really is bigger in Texas: the gas stations, the highways, the food & drink portions, the open space, the pickup trucks, etc.

So that’s the end of our posts about Texas. We hope you enjoyed reading them and learned some useful tidbits for your own future visit to Texas!

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